Advanced Cardiovascular Solutions

Every surgery delivers a life changing impact for patients. Towards that purpose, Advanced Medtech Solutions Cardiovascular Sutures are designed to offer unmatched precision, unparalleled strength and optimal efficiency. Poised to redefine the way surgery is done, AMS’ CV suture range maintains the integrity of closure with absolute strength retention while minimizing tissue trauma. Our Advanced Cardiovascular Solutions helps you achieved optimal patient outcomes by delivering consistent product preformance pass after pass.

Advancing the Science of Cardiovascular Sutures

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ADVALENE Cardiovascular Suture

  • - The only Polypropylene with an advanced and unique dispensing system designed to deliver ease of suture dispensing with minimal memory in the suture strand.
  • Most inert monofilament structure makes ADVALENE Cardiovascular suture an ideal choice for anastomosis.
  • ADVAPRIME needles are specially designed with an engineered tip to maintain shape and sharpness pass after pass for the most challenging calcified lesions & fibrotic blood vessels.
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ADVALENE <em>Cardiovascular Suture</em>

ADVABOND with Pledget

  • The enduring and comprehensive solution for valve replacement and valve repair procedures providing excellent tensile strength for permanent support.
  • Silicone coating designed for excellent handling enabling superior pliability and knotting characteristics.
  • ADVAPLEDGET assures consistent performance providing smooth uniform construction for precise suture placement.
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ADVABOND <span>with Pledget</span>


  • Excellent compatibility with body tissues for minimal tissue reactivity.
  • Advanced design with superior pliability conforming closely to contour of sternum.
  • High resistance to breakage during bend tightening by twisting with excellent knot security.
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  • ADVAWAX acts as a mechanical (tamponade) barrier helping in achieving local hemostasis of bone.
  • ADVAWAX minimizes formation of any foreign body or inflammatory reaction and delays bone regeneration.
  • ADVAWAX provides ease of application due to smooth consistency.
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