Ultimate strength and confidence for repair of abdominal wall hernia and deficiencies.

Advancing the Science of Tissue Reinforcement

  • ADVAMESH is intended for use in hernia repair, chest wall reconstruction, traumatic or surgical wounds and other fascial surgical intervention procedures requiring reinforcement with a non-absorbable supportive material.

  • The use of this Mesh is contraindicated in patients with known sensitivities or allergies to polypropylene. When ADVAMESH is used in infants or children with future growth potential, the surgeon should be aware that this product will not stretch significantly as the patient grows. ADVAMESH in contaminated wounds should be used with an understanding that in case of subsequent infection, the material may have to be removed.

  • ADVAMESH is non absorbable mesh. It is used to span and reinforce traumatic or surgical wounds to provide extended support during and following wound healing. The mesh continues to remain soft and pliable in vivo and normal wound healing is not noticeably impaired. The material does not get degraded or weakened by the action of tissue enzymes.

Effective Tensile Strength Retention
Mass Absorption* (days)
*Mass Absoption: Time in days requires for suture to be totally absorbed in the body.

ADVAMESH is knitted polypropylene mesh. The knitting is done in a way which interlinks each fiber junction and provides elasticity in both directions viz. vertical & horizontal. The construction allows the mesh to be cut into any shape or size without unraveling. Due to its elastic nature it can withstand the stresses encountered in the body.

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