Our Promise

Advanced MedTech Solutions (AMS) is dedicated to advancing patient care by providing high quality medical device technologies to serve the needs of more patients and healthcare professionals.

Global healthcare needs are increasing – and the collective capacity to answer them is challenged by meeting the demands of an aging population, the growing burden of chronic disease, and complex healthcare policies, it’s incredibly clear the pace of change has never been greater.

The desire to make a difference in patients’ lives led to the genesis of AMS. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, the company was founded in 2013 by an elite team of respected industry leaders and visionaries who understand the challenges of the current healthcare environment. Committed to setting new benchmarks for transparency and accessibility, our unwavering mission is to improve patient care through meaningful solutions.

Our state of the art facility is located in the industrial center of Vadodara, Gujarat. This eco-friendly manufacturing plant is singular in design and distinguished in efficiency. Designed by renowned Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill, it is equipped to manufacture a cutting-edge class of medical devices that meet the most stringent global standards. It serves as a technological and educational hub focused on the medical science fields of Surgery, Interventional Cardiology, Orthopaedics and Diagnostics.

With a dedication to excellence, we are committed to optimizing patient outcomes through quality, affordability and accessibility – the heart of the AMS mission. Reaching out to healthcare professionals and providers around the world, Advanced MedTech Solutions offers a compelling choice with a corporate and social responsibility founded on advancing the way we care for generations to come.



Serve and care for more healthcare professionals and patients



Become the most preferred company by providing high quality medical technologies at affordable prices to meet the needs of patients, healthcare professionals and providers in the global markets we serve whilst meeting our Corporate Social Responsibilities



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