Advanced Endo Surgery

ADVASTAP Skin Stapler

Think Intelligent. Think ADVASTAP.

Advanced Endo Surgery

Advanced Inventory System

Enhanced staple count visibility

Pinpoint Placement Technology

Innovative design for precise positioning accuracy

Revolutionary Feed System

Smooth and effortless stapling performance

  • User-centric intuitive design
  • Versatile flexibility
  • High quality construction
  • Optimized cosmesis

The Ultimate Solution for every surgeon.

  • Superior handling with advanced grip design
  • Simplified clip ejection with high performance functionality
  • Flawless box-style staple formation
  • Swift and seamless extraction

ADVASTAP HD Hemorrhoid Stapler

Safe. Superior. Precisely Invasive.

Advanced Endo Surgery

Elongated shaft

Improved accessibility for precise placement of
purse string suture

Robust and integrated anvil design

Mitigates risk of accidental detachment due to anvil rod

Deeper housing capacity

14cc Capacity with dentate line marking

Driving Innovation in Surgical Stapling Safety
Intelligent dual safety mechanism
Driving Innovation

Transanal Accessories

Anal dilator

Anal dilator

Anal dilator


Anal dilator


Anal dilator

Suture threader

ADVASTAP LC Linear Cutter


advastap lc

Anti-skid grip

Achieving ideal firing force

Optimal and secure placement

Atraumatic anvil tip

Robust reload lock lever


  • Uncompromised coupling safety
    Single use reloads
  • Smooth & rapid unclamping
    Push button release
  • Enhanced firing efficiency
    Two sided equipoised firing knob
  • Safety lock
    Enclose the blades pre and post firing
    Avoids accidental operational misfiring
    before clamping
  • Simplified tissue control
    Single handed rear hinge clamping
  • Pristine stainless steel
    High performance blade with each cartridge

ADVACLIP Titanium Ligation Clip

Unmatched precision for superior hemostasis

Ligature Systems
  • Meticulously designed
    • Inner cross-serration: Optimizing the contact surface
    • Innovative pull-tab adhesive mechanism: Intuitive fixation at any surface and effortless cartridge loading
    • Single mold design: Eliminates cartridge dismantling
  • Revolutionizing clip integrity
    • Novel knurling surface: Superior grip to avoid clip slippage
    • Distinctive heart-shaped profile: Dependable vessel occlusion, eliminating the risk of scissoring
  • Distinguished chevron shape for safe and precise positioning
  • endo

    Unique tip first closing behavior

  • ADVACLIP APPLIERS for open surgical procedures
    Quick, easy and effective
    • Diamond dusted jaws: Enhanced stabilization and precise loading
    • Triangular surface: High accuracy of clip positioning within the jaws
Ligature Systems